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Stories and Reviews of Soulful and Refreshing Videos of Lucky Ali

Videos to complement lucky ali songs have always been refreshing and impressive. His videos have been shot all over the world. His videos having all colours of life, I love to watch them reason beings every time it makes me delighted and energetic. It brings me to an imaginary world, this world containing real people with real soul which is quite tough to find on earth where we live. It connects me to truth, hopes, dreams, pleasures, and finally bonds with almighty. :-)

"Why I choose exotic locales is because it makes good video sense. You enjoy seeing new places": Lucky Ali

O SANAM from SUNOH [1996]

This was the first video to be shot ever for a Lucky Ali song. This video was shot among one of the seven wonders of the universe. The video was shot by Mahesh Mathai (Lucky's childhood friend). It’s an egyptian mystery, bright blue eyes behind a burkha and the promise of a man who would take Indian pop out of the rut it was in. (Incidentally, they were short on cast, so the woman you barely see is actually Lucky Ali’s wife Masooma). This video stayed on the Mtv music charts for around 60 consecutive weeks.

This is a story about a key. In this album lucky ali has two birth in new birth lucky is a traveler and explorer and in old birth lucky was king of egypt.

Lucky does love someone. Her (his beloved) father has done something illegal so lucky ali puts him behind the bar lucky ali’s beloved steals the key to the jail later lucky ali comes to know about it. According to his rules he has to kill her and he kills his love with his own hands and lost in his memory forever (mil kar bichhudna toh dastoor ho gaya, yaadon mein teri mazboor ho gaya).


This song is not from his regular albums. This song was included in the album Meri Jaan Hindustan. This album was produced to celebrate 50 years of Indian independence. The video was directed by Mani Shankar. The video features lucky as a young guy living in the countryside and trying to discover new meaning of life and move on. About the video Lucky says:

"The video of Anjaani Raahon Mein was a beautiful story in itself. It was done straight from the heart. It is very special to me"

This is a really heart touching video. It’s a story about young guy who is trying to discover his roots (anjaani raahon mein tu kya dhoondhta phire, door jisko samjha wo toh paas hai tere).

He stays beyond the sea for earnings without family. He lives abroad but still he has memories of his motherland. One day he starts for his village. On the way he meets several people, folks and joys. He travels in train, boat, and cart and makes new friends and makes them laugh. He reaches his village where his family and friends have been waiting for him. He warmly meets to villagers, kids and his friends and has got discovered real joy from simplicity. Now he is back and lives happily there forever.



This was the first video from his second album Sifar. This video was also directed by Mahesh Mathai. This video was shot on the legendry Route 66 of the American highway in Arizona. The video features Lucky as a traveler searching for his inner self and asking questions about his existence.

In this song lucky ali is a nomadic person (As lucky ali is nomad at heart in his real life). He is messenger of love. He leaves his place for the search of love (pyaar ko hi manate chaley jana). He believes in keep walking and loves to go on and just wants to spare love everywhere (koi kehta hai ki ghar aa gaya hai, aarzoo bhi arz hai badhatey jana).

Lucky moves on for the search of love and peace. One day he meets a lady. She reminds him that he is back, he has been there before. He lost in memory of last journey in same place. He took bus, walked on; on the way he met a lady. She was treated like prisoner by her owner a old cruel women. She felt good because of freedom and liberty lucky had. Suddenly few cowboys started fighting there; he failed to understand why people do so? (hastey hasaatey yun subko manaate hum jaayenge, barson ki doori ko mil kar hum saath mitaayenge).

She started realizing that there is more to live. She ran away from her poor past for good. On the way lucky saw her when he was travelling on the bus. She was shaking her hand and saying bye to him. (dil ke jharokho mein ab bhi mohabbat ke saaye hai reh jaye jo baad mein hamare woh paaye hai).


This was the second video from Sifar. This video was also directed by Mahesh Mathai for Highlight Films. This video features Lucky Ali a circus artist telling us about his aspirations, experiences and hopes.

This is ultimate story of life. Lucky is a clown whose job is making people laugh (baharo ke ghere se laya mein dil saja kar ek aisi sohbbat hai meri).

He loves a girl she is also circus artist. Her owner tortures her. Lucky gets dejected when he finds someone is sad. Lucky tries to make people smile all time. One day she is crying because of her pitiless circus owner. Lucky comes to her and gives her a flower and makes her happy. Suddenly their owner comes and forces her to climb on swing rope. Lucky refuses her but she has to climb unwillingly and falls down, gets dead. Lucky gets shattered.

After few days new artist comes in place of her but she is bad like circus owner. He wonders why people live in such way with hate and regret. He still tries to learn why people are changing every day. (rastey na badley na badley jahan phir kyon badley kadam hai yahan).

TERE MERE SATH from AKS [2000]

This is the first video to be shot from his third album Aks. This video has been shot among the residential parts of Havana the capital of South American country Cuba. This is the first time ever Lucky Ali has been seen dancing in his videos. About his dancing skills, Lucky says:

"I am not very good dancer. While dancing I feel as if I am a chicken whose feet have been tied and is struggling for freedom."

This is cheerful video with refreshing music which surely makes you shaking and rocking, brings you unseen world where only hopes, bliss and pleasures live.

In this video lucky is looking for a girl while driving his glorious big vintage red and white car. He is looking too cool, wearing sky blue short shirt and short trouser with sports shoes, has goggle hanging in white T-shirt. He starts singing and dancing and local people starts following him and quickly he has got big number of pleasurable folks around him. Finally the girl who he was looking for comes and dances with him. He feels good to find her and takes her away.


This is the second video from the album Aks. This video has been shot mostly indoors and on outskirts of Mumbai. This is the first Lucky Ali video not to be directed by Mahesh Mathai. This one was directed by Aditya Basu Bhattacharya. This video features Lucky Ali and supermodel Malaika Arora Khan (Mtv V.J.) as childhood friends separated in due course of time.

This is beautiful video that tells how two childhood friends try to stay in contact with each other after long separation. Lucky ali and Malaika are friends but they are detached. Malaika becomes film star but Lucky can’t forget her and wants to meet her. He tries to reach her by sending email and letter. Malaika gets his mail and letter and smiles because she still remembers and loves him a lot.

TU KAUN HAI from AKS [2000]

‘Tu Kaun Hai’ Song from the album Aks was the theme song of the movie Bhopal Express which was directorial debut of Mahesh Mathai. This is not a regular video of Lucky Ali. Later the same song lucky included his third album Aks and took few glimpse form the movie Bhopal Express for its video.

The song features Lucky Ali singing clad in white over coat. The video includes the snaps from the movie “Bhopal Express” in the background. Earlier lucky sung the song for the same movie and later lucky included this in his third album Aks.


Kabhi Aisa Hai Lagta Hai was the first video to be shot from this album. This video was directed by Mahesh Mathai At Brazil. It was shot mostly in plane. (his fans know that lucky is also licensed pilot and flying plane his passion) Perhaps he’s mentally mountainous the skies, like he was in Mahesh Mathai’s music video of Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai. But the song that record company T-Series has on the airwaves is another version of Video in 2004, directed by Rahul L Sud.

Lucky says “Other directors (he says about Rahul L Sud) come in to create something more in tune with a market's needs and I respect that, but I would always prefer the careful work that Mahesh puts into the videos.”

“I don't know Rah Sood. I have never met him, but I wish him all the best. As for Mahesh Mathai, I think we work well as a team. When a company releases another video, I like to think of it as a marketing strategy alone. Mahesh's work has always been layered. It is a question of art versus commerce in a way, because some of the earlier videos are well done but lost on a particular audience” He added.

But in late 2009 original video directed by Mahesh Mathai at Brazil was issued through Youtube this was supposed to be aired when album released in 2004.

STORY* of original video directed by Mahesh Mathai at BrazilThe original video has a beautiful story itself. Lucky Ali falls in love at first sight. Lucky was about to start for somewhere. He calls taxi at same time he sees a lady (She was miss Brazil in real life) standing on another side on road. Unexpectedly a bus comes and she goes by it. Lucky gets in taxi and entrances her memories as few days back how he met her first time in a public library where he helped to get her a book as she couldn’t reach to it because of height of shelf.

He reaches to airport and gets in plane; surprisingly she comes and takes a seat next to him and starts reading book, plane takes off, she puts down book and closes her eyes. Lucky becomes lucky and again starts daydreaming; in the dream she comes to meet him at cafe, where lucky is waiting for and he imagines of their romantic dating on beach. Plane lands and she goes outside but forgets to carry the book. Lucky looks at the book and smiles because this was the same book which she took from library.


Teri Yaad Jub Aati Hai, was the second video of this album. This video was directed by Mahesh Mathai at Brazil. It’s another beautiful and refreshing video, but record company T-Series issued another version of video for the same song in 2004, directed by Rahul L Sud. for which Lucky Ali was not even intimated.

About the video Lucky says “this music album is special to him as the lyrics of the second song - Teri yaad jab aati hai - came straight from the heart in memory of his brother Mackie who passed away last year”. Is that why he isn’t in the second video, Jab Teri Yaad Aati hai? No reply. This song is dedicated to his brother, Macky, who passed away a year back. ‘‘I don’t even see the point in having a video—the words are enough’’.

In April 2010 on huge demand of his fans, He released original video directed by Mahesh Mathai at Brazil through Youtube with another name i.e. Pyaar Tumse In this video lucky comes again with his soulful style. “I like to think that the video directors who work with me are always given the freedom to express themselves through their work, with my music.”

STORY* of original video directed by Mahesh Mathai at Brazil
In the original video Lucky Ali is a guitarist he plays it at Railway station where a lady sells flowers to the passengers. Lucky and lady loves one another. Lucky does notice that a man with beard around 60 comes daily, buys flowers and goes somewhere by train. One day Lucky and the Lady both chased him and saw that the man went into a cave, lit candles, called soul of his beloved one (ye dil tujhe na bhulaayega, Kya tu phir se laut aayega). It seemed, she came from heaven to dance with the man and he lost with her forever. Lucky and the lady stunned and felt the pain of losing true love (teri yaad jub aati hai, meri aankh bhar jaati hai, hum to bichhude yun mil mil ke, khwaab tooten hai aise dil ke).

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An ordinary fan with extraordinary love

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