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Sunoh (सुनो) : the first ever musical album of Lucky Ali

Sunoh !!
सुनो !!

"Grateful to the almighty, to my parents, my teachers and to all those people who have encouraged this effort, to my loving wife who stood by me during the blues... to my brother Mackie who added cheer, to Ghealuuuu Akki my childhood friend. To Nirja Shah another childhood friend who helpped me make the breakthrough. To my friends in Watford, Nads, Anis & Nitin day by day, my friends in the valley of Kashmir, to the people of Egypt, to all at Highlight, especially Mahesh Mathai and Srila."  -    Acknowledgments - Sunoh (By Lucky Ali)

'SUNOH' (सुनो) is Hindi for Listen. It seems Lucky wanted everyone to listen to him.

Sunoh was released in June 1996 with BMG CRESCENDO. Sunoh was the first ever album to be released by Lucky Ali. It sold over Four million copies worldwide. This was way to beyond the expectations of Lucky himself. And you know what? The hit single 'O Sanam' from Sunoh stayed for over 60 weeks consecutively on Music charts of MTV Asia. Sunoh can be referred as history in the making as it was Sunoh which introduced Indian music fans to such a wonderful and talented singer. The song 'O Sanam' from Sunoh, considered by some to be one of the best indi-pop songs ever. Sunoh established him as an icon in the Indian music scene. The album was a phenomenal success.

Sunoh also won a host of awards. The awards which Lucky won after Sunoh included
• Best Indian Artist at the Billboard awards 1997
• Best Pop Male Artist at the Screen annual awards 1996
• The Viewers' Choice award at channel [V] annual awards 1997

Mike McCleary, Lucky Ali and Syed Aslam Noor
Sunoh has Music by Lucky Ali, It was performed by Lucky Ali and Mike McCleary (did you knew that mike is his brother in law). The lyrics of the album were written by Syed Aslam Noor (a childhood friend of Lucky Ali with whom he used to clean and later sell carpets). You will be amazed to know that, Lucky Ali was rejected by a lot of music companies, for his first album. No one was ready to take risk and release the album. He didn't had enough money to make the album. So he decided to do it himself. He went to his friend Mahesh Mathai and told him to produce the video. He didn't even paid Mahesh for the video. He recorded all the songs himself with help from his brother in law Mike McLeary. After he completed the album, he returned to New Zealand, unaware of the success of the album.


O Sanam, the first track from Sunoh was shot between the great pyramids of Egypt. The video was shot by Mahesh Mathai (Lucky's childhood friend). It’s an egyptian mystery, bright blue eyes behind a burkha and the promise of a man who would take Indian pop out of the rut it was in. (Incidentally, they were short on cast, so the woman you barely see is actually Lucky Ali’s wife Masooma.) Sunoh lived up to it s reputation with their minimalistic arrangements, relied on simple melodies and the purity of Lucky s voice.

Story of 'O Sanam' Video
Snap from O Sanam Video
Mahesh Mathai
This is a story about a key In this album lucky ali has two birth in new birth lucky is a traveler and explorer and in old birth lucky was king of egypt. Lucky does love someone. Her (his beloved) father has done something illegal so lucky ali puts him behind the bar lucky ali’s beloved steals the key to the jail later lucky ali comes to know about it. According to his rules he has to kill her and he kills his love with his own hands and lost in his memory forever (mil kar bichhudna toh dastoor ho gaya, yaadon mein teri mazboor ho gaya).

Audio Tracks
The album is a collection of 10 numbers all of which have a tale to tell.

‘O Sanam’ is a dedication to his beloved by Lucky. A very beautifully composed song has Arabian influences and an awesome array of instruments used . The video has been exhaustively shot in Egypt. The classy lyrics add to the passion. Just like Milke Bichadna Dastoor ho gaya, Yaadon mein teri mazboor ho gaya and aakhon mein basi ho par door ho kahin dil ke kareeb hai yeh mujhko hai yanki. This is superbly superb song that has made world record to stay 60 weeks on Mtv Asia chart bustard what naver had been happened untill it released.

The title track ‘Sunoh’ follows, (jano ise pahchano ise   eise Pehchano eise insaan hai hum ab jano eise) and kicks up some steam for the dance floor. Starts with the words Rooswai Mewafai Karke Kar Lo Intehai Ab. Lucky sings about living this short life to the fullest by spreading love & peace amongst fellow humans which is seen the following words;
Pal do pal ki duniya saari ey musafir chalta ja. Chalte Chalte rah mein tu , pyar mohabbat baante ja. Aayega kal khushiyon wala.

‘Pyar ka musafir’ is an extremely hummable number. Mein hoon Pyar Ka Musafir, Dil Khush hai aaj Mera. Jahan Mile Mohabbat vahin mera Basera. Here Lucky depicts himself as a messenger of love in this world and sees himself dancing in fields spreading love to all. In this song lucky seems very positive about his life and sings mujhko toh yeh yanki hai manzil meri yanhi hai, jo dhoondhe mera dil aas paas yanki kahin hai.

‘Aap par arz hai’ is a mellow ballad by Lucky for his beloved, where he sings her praises and thanks her for being what she is. Lucky sings aap par arz hai laakho, karoro, arabo salaam Again, one does not know what steals the show - the amazing lyrics or Lucky’s magical voice. (Shaam savere na aao nazar, kudrat ki dhoondhoon mein aisi dagar, kisko sunaoon mein haale jigar, tadpa hoon main to saari umar).

‘Milegi milegi Manzil’ is the one of the best track on the album. Its Lucky Unplugged ! Just Lucky and his acoustic guitar.In search of dreams & being positive in life. The simplicity of the song & lyrics are simply breathtaking Chalte duniya waale saare raah magar anjaan kahin, main to hoon deewana meri deewangi mein naam sahi.

‘Tum Hi Se’ A thanks giving number to the God, Sun, Moon, Stars, Flowers, Water Falls etc. Donon jahan ka tu hai ujala raba tune hai humko paala. Lucky actually sounds grateful to the almighty and praise him. He is also inspired by nature and sings Raat chadni chhai hui hai chamak raha hai tara, thandi thandi yeh purvai socho kisne banaya. It’s lucky’s favourite song too. A constant continuous beat carries the song through till the end..

‘Yeh zameen hai, aasman hai’ is a love song. The song has a gujju garba kind of a tune. He views himself & his beloved cruising through the snow clad mountain valleys . A simple melody where Lucky again displays how good his vocal cords are.

‘Jab hum chhotey they’ sees Lucky remebering his childhood and how at that time he didn’t know what the future had in store for him. Lucky ali sings Raaste hai wahin hai toh pyaar ki kami ae rahi chal diya tu ab kahan. Lucky finds very big difference between present and past when he was child. A completely different song with regard to the mood & tempo.

‘Kya mausam hai’ is a continuous beat catchy number on the guitar which is one of the best in the album . Lucky takes you back to the land of masti and love. He sings Kya mausam hai phulo kaliyon mein gul hai, neele aasamaa ke o panchi le saath mujhe. Lucky asks all to be happy all the time cherish the good times and forget the bad times one has been through in life. That’s why he sings Himmat se zamane mein manzil apni dhoondhounga aandhi ho ya toofaan rukuga na mein sun le jahan.

‘Yeh Mumbai nagariya’ is no comparison to the others in the album. Lucky sings about his love for the city of Mumbai & I agree to each word of it being a Mumbaiya. It is the weakest link in the album. But still a good number.

by Kapil Chandak
An Extraordinary Fan of Lucky Ali

For more Lucky Ali stuff, Do check the LuckyWorld.pps by Kapil Chandak. It's An X'clusive Presentation containing almost everything about Lucky Ali in 163 slides 

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My Philosophy My Role Models

My Philosophy My Role Models

"बन्दे मे था दम, वन्दे मातरम"
"If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies!! There was never a good Violence or a bad peace."

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most famous indian ever to have walked the planet. His campaigns of passive resistance and civil disobedience proved to be a great success; through his work, the less privileged people of the world have gained a higher quality of life. In 1947 India gained independence, something that Gandhi had worked towards for a long time. He was against partition though, wishing that those of Moslem and Hindu faith could live peacefully side-by-side. He was also very critical of the caste system, whereby some Indians of high social standing were deemed ‘untouchable’. Tragically, a crazed Hindu assassinated Gandhi in 1949. If he had wanted, Gandhi could have lived a very comfortable life as a lawyer. Instead he devoted it to prayer, fasting and meditation. He wore basic clothes and lived off fruit, vegetables and milk. He gave up his personal comfort to bring well-being to millions of others.

 स्वदेस, हम लोग
"Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress."

Its more than a movie. A real patriotic. It’s the true picture of India. "Swades, we the people" is my real powerhouse. Well, I've seen it 22 times and want to more. I breathe this movie. The way Ashutosh portrayed Mohan's character is so mind-blowing and heart-rendering. Mahatma गाँधी great-grandson, Tushar Gandhi noted the theme of Gandhism in the film. Set in modern day India, Swades is a film that tackles the issues that development throws up on a grass root level. It is to this India, which is colorful, heterogeneous and complex that Mohan Bhargava (Shah Rukh Khan), a bright young scientist working as a project manager in NASA, returns to on a quest to find his childhood nanny. The film uses the contrast between the highly developed world of NASA and this world back home in India, which is at the crossroads of development. Mohan's simple quest becomes the journey that every one of us goes through in search of that metaphysical and elusive place called "home".

"हँसते हँसाते यूँ सबको मनाते हम जायेंगे, बरसों की दूरी को मिलकर हम साथ मिटायेंगे"
"Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God"

Be a clown, be a clown, 
All the world loves a clown.
Act the fool, play the calf,
And you'll always have the last laugh.
I love Clown/Joker. Nothing could be better than bring smile to one’s face. Making people laugh is a very intoxicating, wonderful thing. I want people to be happy. If I am not a what I am being defiantly I would have been a clown. The funny side of life keeps alive my hopes and aspiration every day.

"दिल तो बच्चा है जी"
"Children are the keys of Paradise. They alone are good and wise, Because their thoughts, their very lives, are prayer."

Everybody loves Kids and why not they are the best thing that happens in a couple’s life. They make us what we are. Kids make the beautiful world around us! Cute, innocent, devilish and darlings! I love them in every way! How sweet is a baby's smile... it makes us forget all our worries.

"जानो इसे पहचानो इसे, इंसां है हम अब मानों इसे"  
It's the same the whole world over,
It's the poor wot gets the blame,
It's the rich wot gets the gravy.
Ain't it all a bleedin' shame?
"Wealth converts a strange land into homeland and poverty turns a native place into a strange land"

I thank god for everything I have got or not but sometimes I feel low; grapple myself and fail to understand why there’s world of difference among people with basic human needs.  A few have a lot, a lot have a few. May be god wants us to help Needy People being kind and soft .God is happy to see us living as human with soft heart and tongue which are made boneless because even god doesn’t like hardness. Please have a heart, no one can live without it.

"सरगम हरदम
 Without music, life would be a mistake

"We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer."

Music is not a single word. It can not be defined by a human being. Music is everywhere. Every creature who breaths is incomplete without music. Music has no limitations. Music has no description..  Music is like a magical poem. That can touch a heart or it can make a person mourn. Music can make us see unseen places. That can even think about imaginary people without faces. Music can have a sad part. That can make me cry or broke a heart. Music can make the images on your mind. That you always remember the memories you find. Music is always in the people’s heart, which it would be. If you feel lonely or happy, music is all you can need.

"दिल गाये जा"
I’ve been loving Lucky Ali (birth Name Maqsood Ali)  since ‘Sunoh’ (His debut album which came in 1996) released. I have no words to express what he is for me. I love each song sung by living legend which is really special for me. His songs are source of my inspirations and passion. I can’t hold myself back to sing them when I listen to him.
Every song has incredible music which leaves melodious impression forever. Each word of his songs has true, soulful, pleasing feeling that touches your heart. His songs make my every day. I find my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations, my philosophy, my happiness, my reflection very close to his meaningful songs. Sir Lucky Ali’s songs take me to the world full of love, peace, goodness, passion, hopes, dreams; where I discover my inner self. I salute him.

I had a dream to make a presentation of Lucky Sir which has almost everything about Sir Lucky Ali; because I know his fans are dying to know him very personally like me. That's why I have made an exclusive presentation on Lucky Ali LuckyWorld - दुनिया लकी अली की which contains almost everything about Lucky Ali.  
"क्रिकेट का भगवान"
If cricket is a religion, Sachin is God

""The only thing that was on my mind was, 'I want to play for India one day,' and I was pretty sure and confident that one day I will,"-Sachin Tendulkar   
 Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar the name of passion, the greatest player i ever seen, he is the maestro, i don’t know what should i call him run machine or record maker. It gives new definition to indian cricket . He often referred to as The Little Master or The Master Blaster, is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. His batting is based on the purest principles: perfect balance, economy of movement, precision in stroke-making, and that intangible quality given only to [geniuses], anticipation.

"दिल से रे"
The name A.R.Rahman needs no introduction. The man who redefined contemporary indian music and is the pride of the entire nation and an idol for millions all over the world needs no preamble.

Allah Rakha Rahman (Birth name A. S. Dileep Kumar), He is world's all time top selling recording artist. In 2009 the Time magazine placed him in the Time 100 list of World's Most Influential People. Rahman the man who brought India an Oscar award, who revolutionized the way Indian film music is made, and whom producers still queue in line for to meet. And yet, because of what he gives us, and because of the quality he made us get adjusted to, a lesser offering from A.R. Rahman is enough to get the tongues wagging and the keyboards rattling. He remains as unassuming an individual, his humility and shyness often misunderstood as arrogance. JAI HO

"अपने लिए तो सभी जीते है, जो दूसरों के लिए जिए उसी में है कुछ बात" - सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

Super Commando Dhruva (Indian Super Hero), The character has handsome looks and a muscular body, but does not have extraordinary superpowers like other comic heroes. Unlike many super heros he does not use a disguise (false identify). He is a master of all major martial arts with speedy reaction. He is an excellent hand to hand fighter. He is a perfect shooter too extremely agile. He is extremely intelligent also a first class detective and a brilliant strategist who is able to follow minute clues to locate and counter villains, much more powerful than him. He is observed frequently to face super human villains and is able to win over them by his sheer intelligence. He understand & talk to animals and birds’ language (even sea creatures). they help him from time to time by reporting crimes. His childhood spent in Circus so he is skilled acrobat. He also has the ability to breathe under water, thanks to his friend Dhananjay's gift. 
Dhruva is also the founder and head of "Commando Force" three men team. Lately, Shweta his sister, a good science student, gave Boots which become Skates, 'Star Line' a metallic rope is contained in the metallic bracelets given by along with metallic star-shaped blades called 'Star-Blades'.

 "मैं तैयार हूँ!  मैं तैयार हूँ!"
 I do Love SpongeBob SquarePants.

Spongebob is just so full of wit and humor and I love how innocent and lovable he is. It is the funniest show! A lot of the jokes are quite smart, I feel like a little kid when I watch it, He is happy to help, always loyal to his friends, always looking on the bright side of things, and cheers me up. He is just a silly guy that we should all be more like, that childish innocence. I admire Spongebob. That little yellow cartoon sponge can teach us landlubbers all a few things.
Spongebob has a great work ethic. He enjoys his work, in spite of it being a menial food service job, and does it to the best of his ability. He is, in fact, the best fry cook in ‘Bikini Bottom’ (a fictional underwater city where he lives), and while people have often tried to take his place, none have ever been able to do it as well. Because he understands how to find joy in any task, he's in general very happy.
Spongebob also understands that having fun is just as important as making a living, and always makes time for enjoying himself. He takes pleasure in simple things (like jellyfishing or blowing bubbles) and makes a point of spending time with his friends.
Spongebob laughs a lot and most of times he has no reason :-)
He's considerate of others and never mean. If he hurts someone's feelings or makes a mistake, he owns up to it and apologizes.
Spongebob never gives up on himself and always puts forth the very best effort. He's been taking boating lessons from Mrs. Puff for years, and while he still hasn't managed to get his license, he still shows up for class with a smile on his face and does his best, always believing that he'll get it eventually.
Spongebob is loyal and doesn't care what other people think- he still loves Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy (Super Heros of Bikni Bottom) in spite of the fact that they've grown old and kind of senile. Spongebob believes you're never too old to be cool.
Spongebob believes people deserve to be given a second chance. He made friends with Plankton and helped rehabilitate the evil Man-Ray.
Yes, I know it's a Nickelodeon show geared towards 5-year-olds, but I think wisdom is where you find it, and there's a lot of wisdom to be found in Bikini Bottom.

By Kapil Chandak
मौज करो, रोज़ करो, नहीं मिले तो खोज करो!

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Lucky Ali's New Music Album XSUIE (इकसुई) -at your own pace (फुरसत में)

"I like working on my own pace, that's why my album's name is also 'XSUIE (इकसुई)' that means at your own pace'फुरसत में '" - Lucky Ali

'XSUIE' (pronounce Iksoi) in Urdu for 'फुरसत में' - at your own pace.) It is about moving ahead in life meanwhile enjoy every moment.

After a long gap Lucky Ali came with his most awaited album 'XSUIE'. It came after five years in Late 2009 from the heart and speaks to his entire fan who is taking life as it comes. This time Lucky Ali chose to break the conventional medium of physical album distribution so that fans can listen to the music without depending on labels for promotion (or otherwise!) and physical distribution of CDs DVDs Cassettes. The songs are available only online for now via and . An excited Lucky says, “It set me free to express myself.”

Why he has selected the way to release Xsuie online only? Why he took 5 years long gap for it? There are several reasons. Lucky ali is not interested to work under a labels. He had no good experience with commercial music companies. He said that music companies are making money only not giving value to artist. (It’s known T-series changed and aired another version of video of ‘Kabhi Aisa Lagta hai’ without letting him know in 2004). He Says “Other directors come in to create something more in tune with a market's needs and I respect that, but I would always prefer the careful work that Mahesh puts into the videos.”

he shrugs “There were some differences in opinion between the music company and me. I don’t agree with the item numbers they put out,’’.

"Another reason was that, releasing songs online reduces the carbon footprint. Getting so many CDs out is not good for the environment. Since I attach myself with the initiative (to save the planet), I take care of it," he added.

"Things are changing and trends are altering. People are more digitally literate now. As it is when you put out your music digitally, the quality of sound is high. But when you put it on a CD, the sound starts deteriorating. I didn't want that to happen”.

"It is time for us to realise that the world is on a different platform altogether and we need to change too," he said.

Explaining his absence from the pop scene for five years, he said: "I like working on my own pace, that's why my album's name is also 'Xsuie' that means at your own pace – Phursat Mein"
On July 22nd 2004 his illustrious father - great comedian Mehmood passed away. "There is no meaning to do something, because everything I have been doing, doing only for my dad and want to show that I am not bad son.” “After dad died, things were very strained, so I wanted to just hold on for sometime…you know I didn’t want to do things just for the sake of doing them. I like to do things at my own pace”.

Lucky said. That’s why he took long period of time for Xsuie.

"In the last five years, I felt that it was not the right time for me to express myself. I was looking for my anchor. I was doing various things - I was involved in farming at my own farm, meeting farmers, horse breeding. Travelling was high on agenda and at the same time I was making music too."

Lucky loves and respects his all fans and doesn’t want to keep them away from his stuff while he is not happy with music company. He found a way to reach every fan. The songs of his new album are available on sites like  and . Up to December 2009 lucky has released 7 tracks via these sites. There are 16 tracks to be released. Lucky Ali is busy in shooting of another soulful and refreshing videos for Xsuie. He planned to make 4 to 8 videos. Awesome video of “Dil Gaye Jaa” has been shot and available at Youtube.

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Ghar Aai Hai Khushi... My Engagement and Marriage ceremony

God has been kind... We got married by the grace of God on 3rd July 2010 at Jaipur
Me... Kapil Chandak
Mrs. Radhika Chandak
Engagement Ceremony Mrs. and Mr. Kapil Chandak
Varmala Mrs. and Mr. Kapil Chandak
Dulha (Groom) Kapil Chandak
Mummy Blessing Mrs. and Mr. Kapil Chandak
Mrs. and Mr. Kapil Chandak ....Ghar Aai Hai Khushi :-)

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LuckyWorld.pps (Duniya Lucky Ali Ki) by Kapil Chandak

MySelf Kapil Chandak, I am all time die-hard fan of Sir Lucky Ali (Singer-Composer-Actor-Song Writer). I have made an exclusive presentation LuckyWorld - दुनिया लकी अली की which containing almost everything about Lucky Ali in 168 slides. If you love music you must download this Presentation file to watch.

Download Link:       
Home Page of LuckyWorld.pps by Kapil Chandak
This presentation is dedicated to Sir Lucky Ali. I’ve been loving him since ‘Sunoh’ (His debut album which came in 1996) released. I have no words to express what he is for me. I love each song sung by living legend which is really special for me. His songs are source of my inspirations and passion. I can’t hold myself to sing them when I listen to him.
Every song has incredible music which leaves melodious impression forever. Each word of his songs has true, soulful, pleasing feeling that touches your heart. His songs make my every day. I find my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations, my philosophy, my happiness, my reflection very close to his meaningful songs. Sir Lucky Ali’s songs take me to the world full of love, peace, goodness, passion, hopes, dreams; where I discover my inner self. I salute him.

Main Menu of LuckyWorld.pps by Kapil Chandak

I had a dream to make a presentation on Lucky Sir which has almost everything about Sir Lucky Ali; because I know his fans are dying to know him very personally like me. Now every lucky fan can get lucky and spread lucky charm among lucky people.
New Lucky World (Duniya Lucky Ali Ki) has got…
* Introduction: It’s brief intro of Singer, Musician, Song-Writer and Actor Lucky Ali.
* Singing Career: It’s time wise list of his all songs with name of musician, lyricist and co-singer.
* Filmography: It’s time wise list of his movies with brief info of the roles he played.
* Biography: It contains everything about Lucky Ali from his birth to present.
* Awards: This is a list of all awards he got for his outstanding talent.
* Song’s Lyrics: It has complete lyrics of his all songs (including Tamil and Telugu songs) with meaning of a few typical Urdu words under the title “Ezee”.
Songs's Lyrics Menu (Pg 1/2) of LuckyWorld.pps containing complete lyrics of his all songs (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu)  

* Inspiring Videos: There are stories, reviews and info of his all refreshing videos.
* Lucky Facts: It’s containing some interesting untold facts which are worth knowing.
* Songs in English: It’s a English translation of a few songs of Lucky Ali.

* About Sunoh: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Sunoh”.
* About Sifar: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Sifar”.
* About Aks: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Aks”.
* About Kabhi Aisa Lagta hai: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai”.
* About Xsuie: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Xsuie”.
* About Raasta Man: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Raasta Man”.
* Other Album: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his other than solo album like “Gori Teri Aankhen” and “Meri Jaan Hindustan”.
* Lucky’s Life: Want to know him personally? Don’t miss it.
* Lucky Speaks: It’s covering a few Lucky’s statements & quotes.
* Guitar Chords: There are a few guitar chords of Lucky’s soulful songs.
* Get Lucky: Know the link/address of Lucky’s official website, blog and find him and his fan club on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube and his contacts, address and his music labels.

Introduction (Pg 1/3) of LuckyWorld.pps
I started making of “Lucky World” in February 2004, it took seven months, I was very excited; whole I night I used to plan but I had no computer that time. I started doing part time job for computerized accounting so that I can get computer for it. I used to do work speedy to get time for it.

On one occasion I lost all data due to formatting of computer by its owner it was very shocking for me as it had got completed more than 60% but I started making it again without wasting a single moment. I released it first time in September 2004 through Luckyali fanclub on Yahoo and later on Orkut, 4shared etc. I have been getting many compliments and encouragement from lucky fan of Lucky Ali all over the world through call, sms, email, scraps and found many good friends forever. Thanks to everyone.

Video Menu of LuckyWorld.pps containing Stories & Reviews of his Videos
I have been updating “Lucky World” time to time and share updated version with lucky’s fan. It’s updated upto Sep. 2012 so it’s Lucky World 09/12.
My family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours, everyone around me know me one of the biggest fan of Lucky Ali. My biggest dream is to meet with Lucky Sir and I know it will come shortly.For more lucky stuff and updated Lucky World, Please keep in touch with me. If you’ve got any idea, suggestion that can make it batter, please share with me at , Mail me to,  or dial +91 9829 400966, I am waiting for your response meanwhile do take good care of yourself and get lucky.

Lucky to Know at: 

|| Kapil Chandak ||
कोई कहता है की घर आ गया है 
आरज़ू भी अर्ज़ है,  बढ़ते जाना...

Edited on 18.09.12

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Music is beyond the beyond for me

Music is beyond the beyond for me. I love music like anything. I love playing Guitar. I had a dream since i started listening to music. I find that sweet melodies, mellifluous tunes, and rich enveloping textures that are hummed out from six of my strings and ten of my gingers accomplish these. What the 9 hours work day takes out of my soul, the Guitar puts back in. It has been a life time magical melody for me. I can't define in single word or thousands pages. Music can make me see unseen places. that can even think about imaginary people without faces. Music can have a sad part that can make me cry sometimes. It's always in the people's heart, which it would be. If you feel lonely or happy, music is all you can need. Music is beyond the beyond for me! It's subset of God! Love music! and find God!

By Kapil Chandak
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