Friday, May 14, 2010

Music is beyond the beyond for me

Music is beyond the beyond for me. I love music like anything. I love playing Guitar. I had a dream since i started listening to music. I find that sweet melodies, mellifluous tunes, and rich enveloping textures that are hummed out from six of my strings and ten of my gingers accomplish these. What the 9 hours work day takes out of my soul, the Guitar puts back in. It has been a life time magical melody for me. I can't define in single word or thousands pages. Music can make me see unseen places. that can even think about imaginary people without faces. Music can have a sad part that can make me cry sometimes. It's always in the people's heart, which it would be. If you feel lonely or happy, music is all you can need. Music is beyond the beyond for me! It's subset of God! Love music! and find God!

By Kapil Chandak

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