Friday, May 9, 2014

Awards & Recognition

I am Re-producing here under 'A published article on me'. Following article was published at Local magazine in February 2014. (Images put separately from various articles on me.)

An Article published in Dainik Bhaskar (A Leading News Paper) on 23.01.2014
“It was 31st December 2013 when 'Kapil Chandak' became overnight star worldwide. He won 'World Champion' title in "International Freelance Talents Championship". He never had any idea that one day he will have a global reorganization for his hobbies and passion.

"International Freelance Talents Championship" organized global story writing tournament in June-13. Total 311 authors/creative people were selected worldwide out of million entries invited by IFTC. 70 matches were played among those 311 authors in 8 rounds on various theme based stories given to contestants. Tournament lasted for 7 months. All stories reviewed/judged by renowned movie directors, authors, musicians, etc.  
Remarkable thing was that being not a professional writer but still managed to defeat all full time authors throughout the tournament. He still kept people by surprised by balancing his professional as well as personal life equally during the contest. 

An Article published at In-house Magazine of TATA group of Company on
Me (Kapil Chandak) towards multiple achievements in various field.
His stories are appreciated worldwide, which are primarily non-fiction and realistic and based on social welfare, patriotism, camaraderie, child recalled. Every story aims of bringing changes in thinking and outlook on life is to advance of readers. A few creative work of him can be read at his personal blog

I was awarded a silver medal for 'Best Blogger' given by Indian Comics Fandom
as My Blog got second highest votes across India (2013)
He has also won several awards in various fields. Recently being awarded a silver medal for 'Best Blogger' given by Indian Comics Fandom as he got second highest votes across India.
In addition to his love of writing, He also found of music and guitar. In 2007 he was awarded for 'Best Guitar Learner'.

He has been impressed with Indipop singer-composer Lucky Ali. In 2004, he made exclusive presentation containing 170 slides on Lucky Ali called "Lucky World". In which Lucky Ali biography, filmography, singing career, video and music album reviews, Guitar Chords etc. were included. This presentation had been downloaded by fans around the world, record over 20,000 times within a week.

Kapil being a big fan of comics and art, founded 'Super Commando Dhruva Fan Club' on Yahoo Group in 2004. which become world's biggest fan club of any Indian superhero only within a period of 10 months. It was considered admirable effort to prop up Indian comics industries by adding and got that scattered and lost fans together.

During school and college days, Kapil was a favorite among teachers who represented the school's volleyball team in 1999. He had also been captain of cricket team for many years in society. Along with taking overwhelming participation in cultural activities in school, also being honored as a Captain of 'Red Cross' team.

In 1998 he was rewarded for trivia contest at state level by immediate Minister of Education of Rajasthan.

Me (Kapil Chandak) "GOT HONOURED" on social platform
by Hon'ble Justice, MLA and President of Maheshwari Samaj in 2014
Nearly 10 years in corporate life he got several opportunities to be rewarded for outstanding performance. In 2014 he also got honored and awarded for his remarkable talent by Hon’ble Justice, MLA and President of Maheshwari Samaj on social platform.  
Happily living with Mother, spouse Radhika and 2.5 years old daughter Tweety, cheerful and optimistic Kapil believes life is huge sea full of opportunities and happiness.”  
Awarded by Voltas Limited for being "Best Performer"
Me (Kapil Chandak) Got 'Best Performer' Award two times in a row (2013 & 2014)
Me (Kapil Chandakwith World Champion Awards in International Freelance Talents Championship

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