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LuckyWorld.pps (Duniya Lucky Ali Ki) by Kapil Chandak

MySelf Kapil Chandak, I am all time die-hard fan of Sir Lucky Ali (Singer-Composer-Actor-Song Writer). I have made an exclusive presentation LuckyWorld - दुनिया लकी अली की which containing almost everything about Lucky Ali in 168 slides. If you love music you must download this Presentation file to watch.

Download Link:       
Home Page of LuckyWorld.pps by Kapil Chandak
This presentation is dedicated to Sir Lucky Ali. I’ve been loving him since ‘Sunoh’ (His debut album which came in 1996) released. I have no words to express what he is for me. I love each song sung by living legend which is really special for me. His songs are source of my inspirations and passion. I can’t hold myself to sing them when I listen to him.
Every song has incredible music which leaves melodious impression forever. Each word of his songs has true, soulful, pleasing feeling that touches your heart. His songs make my every day. I find my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations, my philosophy, my happiness, my reflection very close to his meaningful songs. Sir Lucky Ali’s songs take me to the world full of love, peace, goodness, passion, hopes, dreams; where I discover my inner self. I salute him.

Main Menu of LuckyWorld.pps by Kapil Chandak

I had a dream to make a presentation on Lucky Sir which has almost everything about Sir Lucky Ali; because I know his fans are dying to know him very personally like me. Now every lucky fan can get lucky and spread lucky charm among lucky people.
New Lucky World (Duniya Lucky Ali Ki) has got…
* Introduction: It’s brief intro of Singer, Musician, Song-Writer and Actor Lucky Ali.
* Singing Career: It’s time wise list of his all songs with name of musician, lyricist and co-singer.
* Filmography: It’s time wise list of his movies with brief info of the roles he played.
* Biography: It contains everything about Lucky Ali from his birth to present.
* Awards: This is a list of all awards he got for his outstanding talent.
* Song’s Lyrics: It has complete lyrics of his all songs (including Tamil and Telugu songs) with meaning of a few typical Urdu words under the title “Ezee”.
Songs's Lyrics Menu (Pg 1/2) of LuckyWorld.pps containing complete lyrics of his all songs (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu)  

* Inspiring Videos: There are stories, reviews and info of his all refreshing videos.
* Lucky Facts: It’s containing some interesting untold facts which are worth knowing.
* Songs in English: It’s a English translation of a few songs of Lucky Ali.

* About Sunoh: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Sunoh”.
* About Sifar: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Sifar”.
* About Aks: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Aks”.
* About Kabhi Aisa Lagta hai: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai”.
* About Xsuie: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Xsuie”.
* About Raasta Man: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his solo album “Raasta Man”.
* Other Album: It’s having a brief Intro, facts and review of his other than solo album like “Gori Teri Aankhen” and “Meri Jaan Hindustan”.
* Lucky’s Life: Want to know him personally? Don’t miss it.
* Lucky Speaks: It’s covering a few Lucky’s statements & quotes.
* Guitar Chords: There are a few guitar chords of Lucky’s soulful songs.
* Get Lucky: Know the link/address of Lucky’s official website, blog and find him and his fan club on Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube and his contacts, address and his music labels.

Introduction (Pg 1/3) of LuckyWorld.pps
I started making of “Lucky World” in February 2004, it took seven months, I was very excited; whole I night I used to plan but I had no computer that time. I started doing part time job for computerized accounting so that I can get computer for it. I used to do work speedy to get time for it.

On one occasion I lost all data due to formatting of computer by its owner it was very shocking for me as it had got completed more than 60% but I started making it again without wasting a single moment. I released it first time in September 2004 through Luckyali fanclub on Yahoo and later on Orkut, 4shared etc. I have been getting many compliments and encouragement from lucky fan of Lucky Ali all over the world through call, sms, email, scraps and found many good friends forever. Thanks to everyone.

Video Menu of LuckyWorld.pps containing Stories & Reviews of his Videos
I have been updating “Lucky World” time to time and share updated version with lucky’s fan. It’s updated upto Sep. 2012 so it’s Lucky World 09/12.
My family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours, everyone around me know me one of the biggest fan of Lucky Ali. My biggest dream is to meet with Lucky Sir and I know it will come shortly.For more lucky stuff and updated Lucky World, Please keep in touch with me. If you’ve got any idea, suggestion that can make it batter, please share with me at , Mail me to,  or dial +91 9829 400966, I am waiting for your response meanwhile do take good care of yourself and get lucky.

Lucky to Know at: 

|| Kapil Chandak ||
कोई कहता है की घर आ गया है 
आरज़ू भी अर्ज़ है,  बढ़ते जाना...

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Amit Meena said...

finally u used the name what i suggested u .......:)

Nazim said...

Mr. Kapil,

My name is SHEIKH NAZIM AZIZ. I am from Pakistan. I am very excited to meet you as well as to meet SIR LUCKY ALI. You can not imagine how crazy I am about him. I am very very very anxious to have his new album "XSUIE", but unfortunately I can not get this album from net, as it is necessary by using a credit card etc:(. Please send me all his SONGS LYRICS including his new brilliant album "XSUIE" and let me exactly know how many songs he has sung in this album.
I will never forget your co-operation with me dear. Please help me.


(also available on facebook)

cell #: 0923322344725

Anonymous said...

Awesome presentation! Is there any updated version for year 2011? Any new album/songs after the 7 songs of the album Xsuie + 4 additional of the album Raasta-Man?


wow again hats off to words to say!!thanx
lovable work!!
really u r grt Fan of Lucky Ali!!
u can't give my answer yet!!
again thanx!!i have been reading ur blog whole day But still more to read!!thanx for such creation!

hitesh said...

As usual, You ROCKS my friend!!!

ABTC said...

nice blog

Unknown said...

Dear Kapil,

Good work, I am also big fan of Lucky Ali. God Bless You.


Anonymous said...

I m a great fan of lucky ali sir; and waiting anxiously for his next album. Please inform about it.

Anonymous said...

what is the english translate of oh raahi

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